Who We Are

Hacker: Hideout is a member based community center for thinkers and builders; tech lovers and business moguls; students and teachers alike. We are and like to think of our facility as a co-working space, micro incubator, eco-social-technological (yes we made this up) think-tank, and social event center for Hackers, Builders, Designers, and Shakers of all kinds.

We are a little bit of everything, but at the end of the day, we believe technology in the form of both hardware and software is the future of business and our lives as we know it. We totally love putting ideas, research, and passion into action and we have the resources to help you make this happen as well.

So whether your already an established techie entrepreneur, a techie with no entrepreneurship experience, an entrepreneur with no or not enough technology experience, or aspiring to be either, or both; check out what we have to offer!

  • Large, safe, well-equipped and well-located facilities for you to work, play, and stay
  • An intensive, immersive cloud-focus learning environment for aspiring web developers & entrepreneurs alike to cover everything you will need to know to build a full-stack cloud-based applications
  • Experienced experts and gurus of advanced topics and fundamentals such as git and mvc to advanced security, Paas, and application scaling
  • Great people and resources for you to give and take from; socially, economically, information-ally, economically, and sometimes we can’t avoid the political debates…